Our Research

The Health Policy Research Institute is dedicated to reducing disparities in the quality of care for chronic diseases. Among the projects the UC Irvine institute’s faculty and staff are involved in are:

Coached Care Intervention Studies

An area of study pioneered by Drs. Sherrie H. Kaplan and Sheldon Greenfield is the improvement of patient health outcomes by increasing patient participation in treatment decisions for chronic diseases.

Heterogeneity of Treatment Effects

As the population ages, more patients have more than one chronic condition, often more than four such conditions.

Quality of Life Disparities

Dr. Wenzel has over 20 years of experience developing health-related quality of life endpoints in national gynecologic cancer clinical trials.

Improving the Performance of Individual Physicians in Chronic Disease Care

Dr. Sherrie H.  Kaplan, a national leader in chronic disease care, is addressing the issue of creating reliable and valid approaches to the assessment of individual physician performance.

Variations in the Quality of Care at the Five University of California Hospitals

Dr. Sheldon Greenfield is the UC Irvine principal investigator for a project designed to evaluate and compare the quality, costs and outcomes of care for the five University of California hospitals.

Epidemiology and Infection Prevention

Dr. Susan Huang’s research focuses on the clinical epidemiology of highly antibiotic-resistant organisms including estimating the risk for infection and assessing practical means for prevention.