About Us

About the Health Policy Research Instittue

The UC Irvine Health Policy Research Institute (HPRI) is a multidisciplinary research unit dedicated to health services research, comparative effectiveness and quality-of-care research, psychometrics, clinical epidemiology and behavioral sciences in medicine.

HPRI focuses on the assessment and improvement of the quality of healthcare, especially care for chronic diseases, with an emphasis on understanding and reducing disparities in health and healthcare for racial/ethnic minorities and vulnerable populations.

The institute cultivates multidisciplinary research addressing all levels of the healthcare system; namely the patient, physician, organization and state.

Research efforts are furthered through the dissemination of the institute's findings, ongoing training and educational functions, service activities, as well as collaborative research projects involving institute faculty members, physicians, social centers, health services researchers, community-based research affiliates, multiple centers and departments at the Irvine campus and UC Irvine School of Medicine.