Thuy Pham, Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 949.824.0095

Marissa Saplala, Personnel/Financial Analyst
Phone: 949.824.9041

Daniel Nguyen, Executive Assistant
to Drs. Sherrie Kaplan and Sheldon Greenfield
Phone: 949.824.7286

Michele Hinojosa, Finance Analyst
Phone: 949.824.7848



Thuy Pham, Chief Program Officer, MS-BATS
Phone: 949.824.0095

Marissa Saplala, Graduate Coordinator
Phone: 949.824.9041

Masters of Science in Biomedical and Translational Studies Program (MS-BATS)



Sherrie Kaplan, PhD, MPH

Sheldon Greenfield, MD

John Billimek, PhD

Susan Huang, MD

  • Lauren Heim, Clinical Research Coordinator
    Phone: 949.824.3641

Lari Wenzel, PhD